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Carlo Armenise

Creating captivating stories is more than a hobby; it’s my passion. No matter what else I’m involved in, I never stop writing. There’s nothing more fulfilling than creating a story that engages, challenges, and stimulates the reader’s thoughts. The books on this website are a testament and example of my passion.

If you’re a fan of horror and supernatural stories, my books Footsteps in the Dark and Evil Eyes are must-reads. Footsteps in the Dark is a collection of eight short stories showing the disastrous results of people taking advantage of others to get what they want. And Evil Eyes is a horror story of hatred and revenge.

If you enjoy a good laugh with your mystery, you won’t want to miss my book, SAM RAZOR, Private Investigator, his first case, The Blonde with the Bad Nose Job. This book is not just a mystery; it’s a rollercoaster of comedy that will keep you entertained throughout.

For the Fan of historical mysteries, my book The Picture Box captures Croatia’s historical intrigue and beauty. In this story, an American singer born into a famous Croatian family returns to his homeland and discovers mysteries and murders involving his family he never knew existed.

And, for the reader who prefers stories of courage and determination developed in a tale of mysterious deception and murder, my book Deceitful Intentions will have an impact you won’t see coming.

Published Books

Footsteps in the Dark: Stories of the Bizarre and Unusual

The Picture Box: A Historical Mystery

Deceitful Intentions: A Revenge Mystery

Sam Razor, Private Investigator: His First Case: The Blonde with the Bad Nose Job

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